A refine and peaceful place that offers
“an enjoyable and sophisticated moment of freedom”

“Sept/Sette” : The restaurant name associates the French “Sept” and Italian “Sette” both meaning seven,
referring to the French and Italian inspired cooking but also to the location in the 7th district of Ginza.
More it epitomizes the origins of the restaurant itself, which gathered six persons as a team,
who are welcoming now the 7th one-you- our future guest.
Under the direction of the Chef Shohei Shimono from the French restaurant “A Nu Retrouvez-vous”
located in Hiroo, Tokyo, and the Chef Makoto Saito from the Italian restaurant of Roppongi, Tokyo, “Oggi Dalmat”,
you will be proposed an original and creative style combining a wagon service for the starters
and a selection of the best ingredients to be chosen by yourself. You will therefore have the possibility
to decide the cooking style for your main dish.
To accompany your dishes more than 400 bottles of Bourgogne and Bordeaux are maturing
in the impressive wine cellar.
Built as a majestic and dignified wine cave, “Sept/Sette” is however proposing in a relaxed mood
“an enjoyable and sophisticated moment of freedom”.
It is the perfect place for any situation, from having dinner with close friends
or a more formal reunion with special guests.
As a rainbow that displays “Seven” colors, it should become the secret garden for all.