“By coming here, you won’t need to find a bar for an after-dinner anymore.
Just spend a precious and memorable never-ending moment with us”

Manager/Chef Sommelier
Daisuke Goto

The majesty of the atmosphere is designed as a wine cave of Burgundy.
Among the 400 bottles that are sleeping there, some are extremely rare, unique masterpieces.
I hope our guests will enjoy as much as possible the time they are spending with us, not only according to the wines,
but also by delivering a sur-mesure service.
At the bar counter, you will also be able to share a priceless moment after dinner.
Don’t worry anymore to find an after-dinner location.

[ Manager/Chef Sommelier ] Daisuke Goto
  • Born in 1975, he moved to France after spending 2 years in the French restaurant “Saint-Malo” in Sendai city.
    He studied French and oenology in Bordeaux University, and worked at le “Bistrot Sommelier” for 1 year and a half,
    and “L’Auberge Clos Figeac” for one year before coming back to Japan in 2002.
  • From 2003 he became sommelier then manager of the restaurant “L’Insolence”, before joining “Sept/Sette”
    as the Chef Sommelier.